Top Property Performance


WaterStone Group, LLC is an investment management company specializing in real estate management and offering relevant services for landlords in New York and Florida.


WaterStone Group's strategy combines traditional real estate values with a contemporary approach to property management - a vision to do our job so successfully that...

 ...our clients are ecstatic.

WaterStone specializes specifically in New York City real estate. Our particular focus is multi-family, mixed use and commercial real estate holdings, and servicing condominium-associations. After locating ideal acquisitions, we attract investors and enter into joint ventures with them for our mutual benefit.


Using contemporary technology, innovative marketing techniques, implementing energy efficient measures, and a comprehensive management approach, WaterStone Group operates successfully by creating custom-tailored business plans that address each client's specific goals, focusing on maximizing cash-flow, increasing property value and maintaining efficient operation logistics for...

                    ...maximum benefit of landlords and tenants.